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Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management Principle - 3850 Words

Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management Principle (Research Paper Sample) Content: Teaching StrategiesName:Subject:Institution:Date:Introduction:This paper elaborates the teaching strategies I would engage as a staff development educator in a clinical facility, to teach students from a diversity background on the topic of cultural diversity: promoting a safe work environment. Nurturing appropriate teaching strategies to meet these students expectations, I bet will be an upheaval task, but it is my challenge as a teacher to efficiently and fittingly deliver to the students regardless of their background. Cultural approachable teaching entails the rearrangement of attitudes and beliefs; counteracting hostility to cultural diversity; highlighting culture and variance in the teaching course; and instituting pedagogical relations concerning culturally sensitivity and other scopes of teaching (Geneva, 2013). The most important challenges experienced in guaranteeing that teaching strategies are fitting for culturally diverse students are; evading and overp owering cultural stereotypes during learning; culturally responsive classroom management strategies, and cultural disproportionality concerning teachers and students (Bojczyk, Shriner, Shriner, 2012) Basing on these concepts, I would select culturally responsive Classroom management principle as the most appropriate to provide a foundation for the planned course.Culturally responsive Classroom management principle:This presents a methodology to conduct classroom lessons in a culturally responsive manner. Basically, it concerns the manner a teacher controls the classroom from behavioral concerns to transitions. This academic principle directs teachers to incorporate culturally responsive teaching practices and management while teaching (Bojczyk, Shriner, Shriner, 2012). This method utilizes the students lives; former social familiarity, learning styles, and understanding to create lessons and activities. Teachers identify their individual values and expectations for classroom beha vior and blend it with the social and cultural contextual of the student in the tutorial to create guiding principles to certify that all students get unbiased chances for learning. According to Denisa (2010), the principle is just over and above basic teaching space and behavior managements, as well as getting the students to act in accordance with the teachers expectations. Strategies that can be borrowed from this principle to foster effective tutorials during my teaching include; reading materials that reflect the culture diversity at the working places of the students, arranging the desks in clusters to foster interactions amongst the students and working together, pinning charts and using flashcards that exhibit diversity.The methodology is the also the most appropriate to contend with and eradicating imminent cultural disproportionality, this is, variances in cultural background between the students and I the teacher; which could hamper a healthy relationship between the stud ents and I the teacher. Therefore, this will empower me to use different cultural standards whenever elaborating a point, this will be an intended to creating rapport with the students and influencing as well as persuading them to build their confidence in the subject matter.Intended audience for the course:In recent times, diversity is a developing subject matter of concern in handling any clinical facility workforces. All individuals are distinctive, and for that reason a workforce embracing various individuals is different in itself. When handling a group the dissimilarities need to be seriously considered. This strategy is a recognized commitment to the clinical facilitys culture that constructs esteem, nurtures comprehensiveness, supports diversity and grips the exceptional hands-on skills and qualities of all our employees. Therefore the intended audience for the course takes account of doctors, nurses, other paraprofessionals and students in the health segment which comprises of Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Caucasians, Latinos and Indians with various professional qualifications ranging from higher diplomas to masters degrees. Asian Americans are the majority in this group and the wealthiest of all followed by Caucasians, Indians, Latinos, and Africa-Americans in that order. Regarding gender, female are the majorities while male are the minority and the youth make up the majority as compared to adults.Cultural stereotype as potential diversity:The potential diversity related to this group of students is cultural stereotype; this is, classifying a particular individual into a large group of individuals. For instance, in this case, Asian Americans may be labeled as being great in the course, have an above average brainpower, or are exceptionally inspired and competitive. Oppositely, the other groups of minorities like, Latino and African-Americans may be branded as an unintelligent and hard to tutor. These stereotypes could similarly aim genders, v arious aptitudes, and financial prestige. This could make the Asian-American student to be over-confident thus not concentrate well during the teaching sessions, thus fail to pass. Conversely, a Latino or African-American student could be overwhelmed with the idea that no matter how much effort they put in they wont be able to pass, thus their loss of interest in the subject matter that acts a leeway to failure.To address this issue I will desist from depending on on any information that originates from stereotypes, but instead cultivate my efforts in understanding the students hypothetical capabilities. Bojczyk, Shriner, Shriner (2012) stress that, its significant to hold all students with equivalent high morals, and building confidence in each that success is achievable; and this what I intend to also apply, as well as encouraging each student to accept the other fellow students as individuals, instead of a group of individuals. I will also engage culturally responsive teaching; which is defined by Gay (2010) as using the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, frames of reference, and performance styles of ethnically diverse students to make learning encounters more relevant to and effective for them.Conflict management in the Class:Myers (2010) stresses that, conflict occurs when there is an incompatibility of actions or goals. When this has occurred, there is need to resolve the dispute, either through mediation, reconciliation and arbitration depending on the concern. To manage the conflicts that could arise in the class, I intend to offer a one day educational focus group discussion to equip and share with the students the essential skills to resolve conflicts through application of nonaggressive measures. To be most effective, the program will combine several constituents to achieve this consequence, for example effective communication skills, innovative and critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, active listening skills and other general life skills. Application of the different recommended school-based conflict resolution strategies based on peer mediation; process curriculum, peaceable classrooms, and peaceable schools; will present tangible strategies to cope with issues and common conflicts (Hart, 2016). I the educator and the students will scrutinize and determine which methodologies to use and implement with the intention of achieving optimal results. Successful application of these strategies will even instigate the student to identify and resolve disputes before they exacerbate. Indeed, the adoption of peer mediation approaches to give grounding in conflict resolution and peaceful outcomes shall be maintained all through the course.Cultural diversity: promoting a safe work environmentCourse Description:The course will expose students from both private and public micro or macro clinical facilities to appreciate cultural diversity and how to cope up with it more appropriately at the workplace to promote safe working environment as well as improve health service delivery, competence, and community relationships in a more collaborative approach in a win-win gain situation.Learning Outcomes:The following table elaborates three objectives, outcomes and assumptions for the courseObjective Outcome Assumptions 1 To create a comprehensive and harmonious working environment, by empowering administrators to effectively lead diverse teams, and supervise colleagues of different contextual Administrators empowered and equipped with effective self-awareness hands-on skills and thus, have the ability to understand oneself and the impact that ones perceptions and attitudes have on others * Admins. can scrutinize their own behavior styles, beliefs and attitudes * They can express feelings and emotions appropriately and in a way that doesnt cause undue problems for others * They can think about their own negative feelings before reacting * They can reflect and learn from experience Dem onstrates a positive attitude towards others 2 To create a comprehensive and harmonious working environment, by equipping nurses with effective communication skills Nurses empowered and equipped with effective communication skills, thus they have the ability to communicate sensitively and effectively when dealing with a diverse team and patients * Nurses can examine their own communication style when working with patients of different backgrounds and can adjusts as necessary * They can communicate their own feelings to others and patients sensitively * They can exhibit commitment in communicating effectively when faced with difficult patients and situations 3 To create a comprehensive and harmonious working environment, by equipping...

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The Philosophy of Gattaca - 1383 Words

The Philosophy of GATTACA David Harris 21 August 2011 GATTACA is entertaining despite an immersion in technology and philosophy. Viewed strictly as entertainment, the film consistently delivers great characters, is well-written and has well-delivered dialogue, with a quick paced and fascinating plot. The philosophy of GATTACAs society is explored through examples of genetic essentialism/determinism, discrimination, and the exercise of free will through our characters early years, time as an invalid and later time as a valid. The film allows a glimpse into a world shaped by the technology of genetic engineering, that has artificially created a caste system of the valids verses the invalids, and how it can be overcome thru†¦show more content†¦After several years he manages to go to work as a janitor at GATTACA, and while he still watches the GATTACA staff thru the glass windows, he dares to dream. Okay, not just dream he acquires text books and starts to study. He also finds help in his fellow invalids who may not understand h is drive but will not stand in his way. This is shown by his conversation with his boss who chides him for studying; but, does not order him to stop. He continues to look to the stars, dream and plan. Vincent eventually seeks out help and goes to the black market to purchase an identity. Through these contacts he eventually meets Jerome Eugene Morrow (Jude Law), a Valid person willing to allow Vincent to become a borrowed ladder, and impersonate him. As we find out its not as easy as it sounds. a smear of blood, a drop of urine, a single hair or flake of loose skin acts as a forensic index of worth [ (N., 2009) ] and they all needed to be faked. Eugene, we find out although a Valid isnt as perfect as expected, he had attempted suicide by stepping in front of a car and was paralyzed from the waist down. Eugene’s only value, after becoming disabled lies in his superior DNA and the sale of it [ (CLARKE, 2002) ] He is an example of reverse discrimination, while his DNA is perf ect he is not. It seems the perfect solution, Eugene provides his identity, samples ofShow MoreRelatedGattaca: A Philosophical Analysis Essay1059 Words   |  5 PagesBrimming with ultramodern scenery and metaphysical speculation, Gattaca is a profound glimpse into the not-so-distant future of humanity. Vincent, the main character, is a frustrated ‘faith birth’ living in a world in which his genetically manipulated peers have succeeded him in every competition. Motivated by an unquenchable fascination with space, Vincent recruits the chronically petulant but genetically flawless Jerome Morrow, who allows Vincent to assume his genetic identity in exchange for companionshipRead MoreGattac A Futuristic And Dystopian Society2320 Words   |  10 Pagesor political system. The films I have chosen to analyze Snowpiercer directed by Joon Ho Bong, Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol both are movies that show this genre of a futuristic and dystopian society. Snowpiercer and Gatt aca show conventions that convey this genre through a dystopian protagonist who standing up against a higher power, restrictions upon freedom and inequality(discrimination) in Gattaca the protagonist Vincent stands up to the labels of valids and invalids and the discriminationRead MoreFilm Review : Gattaca And Gattaca2668 Words   |  11 PagesThe films I have chosen to analyse Snowpiercer directed by Joon Ho Bong, Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol both are movies that show this genre of a futuristic and dystopian society. Snowpiercer and Gattaca show conventions that convey this genre through a dystopian protagonist who standing up against a higher power, restrictions upon freedom and inequality(discrimination) in Gattaca the protagonist Vincent stands up to the labels of valids and invalids and the discrimination between the two labelsRead MoreGattaca Is A American Sci Fi Film Directed And Written By Andrew Niccol1901 Words   |  8 PagesWhat decides our fate? Is it where we a re born? How we are born? Or who we are born too? Gattaca is a 1997 American sci-fi film directed and written by Andrew Niccol. It stars Ethan Hawke as Vincent Freeman the main protagonist. The movie has a host of now big name actors and actresses such as Uma Thurman, Jude Law, and Alan Arkin. The film focuses on Vincent Freeman s underdog struggle with the eugenics program and how he overcomes genetic discrimination to realize his dream of space travel. TheRead MoreGattaca2632 Words   |  11 PagesGattaca Questions Part I   (Short Answer) 1)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Compare the genetic traits of Vincent and Anton. How are they similar? How are they different? They are tall, brunette and men. They are different because Jerome does not have a heart condition, where Vincent does. Also, I noticed that Jerome is right handed, and Vincent is left handed; this provides symmetry. 2)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   What does the character â€Å"German† do for a living? German’s character helps invalids do what they are told they cannot by findingRead More Frank Lloyd Wright Essay1331 Words   |  6 PagesStates and Europe. Eventually his innovative building style spread overseas. In 1915, Wright was commissioned to design the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. It was during this time that Wright began to develop and refine his architectural and sociological philosophies. Because Wright disliked the urban environment, his buildings also developed a style quite different from other architects of the time. He utilized natural materials, skylights and walls of windows to embrace the natural environment. He built skyscrapersRead More Facing Our Fears in Science Fiction Essay3400 Words   |  14 Pagesis not a toy for our society’s amusement and should not be taken lightly. Otherwise we risk our fears coming back to bite us. Our general unease with genetic advancement is further exemplified in Gattaca. Once again, our own creation threatens to outstrip us. The world of Gattaca is inhabited by a society superior to our own. Positions on the social ladder are no longer determined by race, religion, or gender but by genetic makeup. While this may sound all well and good, those whoRead MoreEssay about Human Genetic Engineering1542 Words   |  7 Pagesfamily members. This is also a moral and ethical consideration. There are many people who believe that it is not for us to play the role of God, or to decide what each person is going to look like. There has been a movie recently released called GATTACA that is all about whether it is right or wrong, and the effects genetic engineering could have on society. Dont forget the consequences of creating a new species. Wont isolations and prejudice then occur? What about the absence of genetic variationRead More Human Genetic Engineering Essay1521 Words   |  7 Pagesfamily members. This is also a moral and ethical consideration. There are many people who believe that it is not for us to play the role of God, or to decide what each person is going to look like. There has been a movie recently released called GATTACA that is all about whether it is right or wrong, and the effects genetic engineering could have on society. Don’t forget the consequences of creating a new species. Won’t isolations and prejudice then occur? What about the absence of genetic variationRead MoreEssay on The History and Future of Cyborgs2740 Words   |  11 Pages At a social, ethical and economic level, humans direct the development of technology, of which Cyborgs and cybernetic systems are sub-set. Their evolution is subject to diverse circumstances and conditions that occur as a result of human philosophy and functional proceedings. In accomplishing the next iteration of technological development, existing precedents place frontiers and perimeters to restrict, regulate and govern their evolution and use. In a utilitarian society such as ours

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History of Special Education Law - 1021 Words

History of Special Education Law Grand Canyon University Special Education Litigation and Law SPE-350 Virginia Murray August 11, 2013 History of Special Education Law Throughout the ages, people with disabilities have been hidden away at homes or institutions and were often not educated. This was common practice and as such, when the education system was designed, children with disabilities were not even considered. Then, starting soon after the civil rights movement in the 50’s, a series of lawsuits was brought against school boards and the federal government took notice. Then the Education for all Handicapped Children Act of 1975 was passed and these children were finally allowed the education they deserved. As time went†¦show more content†¦It was revised and renamed in the 90’s. It was now named the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA in 1997. This act afforded many more rights and regulations to those with special needs and those that provided these services. While the basic premise of the original act was included, IDEA expanded, improved and outlined more specifically the duties of the service providers. Parents gained many new rights as well. They now were to attend all meetings pertaining to their child’s education and were allowed any and all documentation rather than only the relevant documents (ERIC, 1998). Students were to have measurable goals and participate in standardized testing. Not only are the needs of the student through to the age of twenty one within the educational system considered, but now, there are transition plans required to help students move from school to their adult life or college and beyond. Schools now have a specific plan for each student called the Individual Education Plan or IEP. And IEP often takes the talents of many service providers and thus a team is assembled (ERIC, 1998). Another really amazing part of IDEA is in the area of discipline. Students are not to be denied ongoing services due to behavior (ERIC, 1998). However, if the behavior was not determined to be related to their disability, the school is allowed to discipline the student in the same manner as a student without a disability. IDEAShow MoreRelatedThehistory of Special Education1566 Words   |  7 PagesThe History of Special Education and the Laws Associated with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Latrena Y. Haynes Grand Canyon University: SPE - 526 March 05, 2014 Abstract Special education is a type of education for students with special needs. The term is usually abbreviated as SPED which can also mean Saving People Every Day. This includes people who are different from normal people whether they are a baby, toddler, young adult, or an adult. This includes peopleRead MoreThen and Now: the Changing Paradigms of Special Education Assessments1637 Words   |  7 PagesRunning head: SPECIAL EDUCATION ASSESSMENT Then and Now: The Changing Paradigms of Special Education Assessments Michelle Walker Grand Canyon University: September 12, 2012 Then and Now: The Changing Paradigms of Special Education Assessments All school aged children who are currently enrolled among the many school districts and systems ranging from, ages 3 to 21, have been provided with an enormous opportunity to have rights, which ensure these children to receive a FreeRead MoreHistory of Special Education1367 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract This paper will discuss the history of special education including a timeline of the significant events that happens in the history of special education. It would further discuss the laws associated with Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Furthermore, this paper will address the current and future challenges the laws have on special education. All children are created differently with different talents and abilities. Some are tall, others are short. Some are big, othersRead More History of Special Education Essay1552 Words   |  7 PagesHistory of Special Education Introduction Special education has faced many changes during the last century. During this time there have been many opinions on the way students with differences should be taught and treated. This paper will discuss the history of special education during the twentieth century. We will also discuss the laws associated with Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Finally we will discuss the current and future challenges that the laws have on special educationRead MoreHistory of Special Education Essay1572 Words   |  7 Pageshead: History of Special Education History of Special Education Marie Cudia Grand Canyon University: SPE526: Educating Learners with Diverse Needs April 2, 2012 History of Special Education The history of Special Education just as any history; is a long battle that has been fought by many who cared in order to bring us to where we are today. Its Journey has and will be never ending; since society is forever evolving. We will be fighting for equal rights in education andRead MoreSpecial Education Students: Inclusion vs Reality Essay1315 Words   |  6 Pages Shocking and demeaning words such as idiot, moron, and retard were once used as actual labels for disabled children in special education. â€Å"Prior to 1975, schools were not mandated to educate students with disabilities . . . . [Those with disabilities] were deemed to be uneducable and were barred from entering schools† (â€Å"Exceptional Students†). Federal and state laws, as well as mandates, now require schools to educate all children with disabilities in the least restrictive environmentRead MoreThe Importance Of A Special Needs Student849 Words   |  4 Pagesan uncommon occurrence when dealing with children who have special needs. This teacher was trained to understand the method used when working with a child who will unintentionally cause harm to themselves or others. A parent needs to understand that unconventional methods must be used with children who learn unconventionally. This research will show readers that each student needs their own educational methods, which work around any special needs they may have. Schools have developed parent trainingRead MoreThe Victims Of Children With Disabilities1331 Words   |  6 Pagespersonal tragedy. Many children were denied access to education and opportunities to learn. In 1967, 200,000 persons with disabilities resided in state institutions. Many of these restrictive settings provided only minimal food, clothing, and shelter. These institutions did not have the individuals with a disability assessed, educated, or rehabilitated. In 1970, U.S. public schools educated only one in five children with disabilities. Many states had laws excluding certain students, including children whoRead MoreSpecial Education Essay1700 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Æ' Special Education In ancient Greece and Rome there are isolated examples of caring for and treating disabled individuals, although those instances are thought to be family members taking care of their own family. Typically early societies shunned people who were considered different. During the Middle Ages the church provided care for physically or mentally impaired people. The development of techniques associated with special education of today did not emerge until the Renaissance eraRead MorePeople with Disabilities1124 Words   |  5 PagesFrom the beginning of human history to the 1700s, people with disabilities were often treated badly or even killed for being different. Typically shunned by early societies, (Special Education, 2014) people with disabilities were pushed aside, abandoned as babies, or even tortured for being different (Raymond, 2012). Stigma associated with difference and superstition often convinced people that cognitive or physical differences were the work of demons and t hat these people needed to be executed

Business Plan Strategy of a Sports Retail Store

Question: Write an essay about the "Business Plan Strategy of a Sports Retail Store". Answer: 1.0 Business Details Sports Wear is the mens aerobic sports retailer that is located in Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore. Sports Wear should offer most comprehensive selection in Singapore. The retail shop provides with wide variety of male only clothing for the aerobic sports including of cycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing as well as running. The products are shorts, long and short sleeve shirts, tights, water repellant shells, socks as well as assorted fleece wears such as jackets, vests, gloves and pants. The mission of Sports Wear is to become a premium sports clothing retailer for the men. The vision of the business is to become one of the largest sports retailers in Singapore within five years. The aim of the business is to meet with the needs of the athletics as well as give them what they require. The objectives of the Sports Wear are: To become a premier aerobic sports clothing retailer in Singapore To increase the market share by 10% by the year five To reach a profitability within the second year 2.0 Industry and market analysis Sports Wear participates in the retailing of the mens clothing that is specially in the outdoor aerobic sports clothes position. The aerobic sports clothes have a market share of $766 million dollar business. The business is located in Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore, a sports minded town. The athletics are participated in number of activities. Based on its industry and market trends, the business is interested in starting small retail business that has broken new records over the last five years. Sports Wear has its market segment into two distinct segments. Firstly, it is hardcore athletes. The hardcore athletes are those who are living to push their body harder into the aerobic activities. Secondly, the market segment is the newbie, people those are new to the aerobic activities. Based on its market consideration, Sports Wear will focus on three of the major groups such as youthful parents with the children lively in the youth sports, college students as well as live ly adults (Bhasin 2012). These are the groups those include of bulk of the athletes within the city; therefore, Sports Wear should dispose their income in order to spend on the athletic apparel. Sports Wear faces competition from several competitors such as World of Sports, velocity Novena, Lai Sports and others. The hardcore athletes are going to the sports store to formulate a purchase. They use clothing so much that they understand with the technical features of the products. The newbie are those who make their purchases from the general stores as they have wide range of products as per their requirements. 3.0 Customers and value proposition Sports Wear is broken down into two of the market segments such as the hardcore athletes as well as the newbie. The targeted market customers are as follows: Hardcore athletes: They are participating in two to three of various aerobic sport activities. These targeted customers are buying the latest from the market. As they are not requisite, more products as this group are mainly values the slight developments that the new products hold. Therefore, they are to get a part if the product demonstrates developments in plan over what they at currently buy. Newbie: They have begun to get more serious within the aerobic activities. They are new to the aerobic activities. This group is more probable to create less frequent but they are the largest purchases. They are exciting as the business gives major impact to outfit these people. Sports Wear builds personal as well as long-term relations with the customers to increase their market value and attract the customers at young ages (Mullins, Walker and Boyd 2012). By building a trust worthily relationship, they can maintain a family accurate up throughout the childs university years. 4.0 Marketing strategy The marketing strategies that Sports Wear employs to take into account of two different markets segments are that firstly they will market itself the hardcore group as to complete the resources of all various types of male sports clothing. In advertisement and promotion strategy, the Sports Wear uses magazine, journal advertisements to reach their customers. The company also participates in various competitors that the athletes use to participate in. In order to attract the hardcore athletes, the company sponsors the events wit handing out of the flyers. However, the marketing strategies for the newbie are dissimilar in addition to the advertising procedures as a total source of collection of clothing (Patanakul and Shenhar 2012). The company offers extraordinary advice from the sales group. It is attractive to the newbie that are receiving into various sports regarding the new activities. In order to attract the newbie, the Sports Wear relies on the advertisements within the local o utdoor sports journals to reach out their targeted customers. In sales and distribution strategy, the company sells the sports clothing directly to the customers (Terpstra, Foley and Sarathy 2012). Based on pricing strategy, the company tries to trade their products on the price basis using the assets power to trade their products at lowest price. The average price of the clothing for the aerobic sports is $7.00 that should be attractive to hardcore athletes and newbie. Using the concept of the Ansoffs Matrix, the business can develop their market and product by lowering the cost of the products by which the organization can increase their profitability (Porter and Tanner 2012). Sports Wear uses the market penetration to sell their clothes into the existing markets by increasing the promotion. It also helps in brand development. 5.0 Operations plan Key operating activities The business is located in Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore. The operating activities of Sports Wear are production, sales as well as delivery to the customers. By offering knowledgeable support staffs, Sports Wear should quickly gain a good market share in the upcoming years. The Sports Wear operates in two of the market segments for their buying patterns (Sorensen 2012). Firstly, the hardcore athletes are most specific to the sport clothing. Secondly, the newbie are those who are new to these activities. The newbie groups are exciting in buy of the aerobic activities as it allows the Sports Wear to have an impact on outfitting of those people. Partnerships In order to start up a new business, the Sports Wear should require doing partnerships with the World of Sports, so that they can increase their productivity in Singapore. Business controls Marketing of the sports clothes are designed to persuade the customers to buy their products as well as invest in their services. The business control of Sports Wear is to monitor the feedback of the customers through surveys as well as polls. It helps to identify the satisfaction level of the customers by hosting the online polls on the internet (Zikmund et al. 2012). There is also required to monitor the marketing budget such as travel expenses, cost of the market research etc. Intellectual Property Issues Sports Wear has no such trade name, trademarks as well as domain names that help to differentiate their products from its competitors (Barbera et al. 2012). These are the intellectual property issues that the new business faces. Therefore, the business requires proposing those in their operational plan. Scalability The business requires more investors to start their business. They require building a new business model that should be attractive to the investors so that they invest more in the business. The business requires building a strong team to take out of the critical path (Whittington et al. 2016). 6.0 Management team and Company Structure Key people, their functions and background Stan William received undergraduate degree from the Singapore Management University. From the college days, Stan began to realize that he truly enjoyed pushing of their bodies as well as mind aerobically. After working for five years, he gets complete picture of the retail outdoor market. Therefore, Stan decided to own his own business and he is the Director of Spots Wear. Patton is operated as the general manager who maintains as well as reviews the operations of the sports store if the sales people are managing the operations properly. He is graduated in marketing from the SIM university. Stive Smith, an assistant manager is there who performs all the management functions. John Will is the accounting manager of Sports Wear who functions the payment of the cloths. Sally DSoza is the advisor of the Sports Wear. Business Organizational structure Figure 1: Organizational Structure of Sports Wear Skills saps and plans to fill them Stan William will begin their operations with a small team with an intension to raise their business. Planned to begin with full time employee will be a store manager. The store manager should work intimately with the owner. The personnel plan is to hire 5 full time employees at the start up of the business (Wulf and Butel 2016). Part time employees are also hired in order to manage approximately 140 hours of the operations per week. Additional hires are devoted to the expansion of the buying functions, which will help to increase the operations of the private functions. 7.0 Resources Requirements Resources requirements 1 Premises and facilities Storage space, shopfront, showroom, manufacturing facilities 2 Machinery and equipments Cash registers, store furniture, work benches, production machinery, computer hardware and software, databases 3 Staffs 5 more full time Employees, store manager, contractors 8.0 Financing In order to start up the new business of Sports Wear, the usual source of funding the bank loan. Founders contribution The founder of the Sports Wear is the Director, Stan William who brings product ideas. The person also brings capital for the business. Loan and equity finance requirements Funding is the equity finance requirements to lender the equity interest within the company (Saha 2015). It accounts for 2% of the annual revenue increase for the five years. It will attract the funding of the type of the tend that have the possibilities of growth of the business. Leverage There are three of the steps that are used to create leverage within the business operations of Sports Wear are that the sales representatives devote on the average only to one-third of the day within the prospects. The allocation of the staffs, store manager, meetings as well as other valuable activities require more individuals to go from 30 percent to 50 percent with efforts. The main goal is to maximize the results with fewer amounts of efforts. Time scale and exit routes for equity investors Venture capital is to be given by the bank. The funding is the shape of the equity. The venture capital are required a big return from the investors as well as exits their routes for the equity investors for around 3-5 years. 9.0 Financial Projections Sports Wear will observe the financial statements as they have a straight correlation with the physical condition of the business. In the future, it is forecasted that in the future the retail sector will grow moderately. All the sales of the sports clothes are to be in cash leading to positive cash flows, and the acquisition of the asset is to be maintained. Profits is reinvested in the business for hope towards the expansion of the products as well as store (Refer to Appendix) 10.0 Risks and Strategic Options Identification of the risks Risk monitoring and mitigation Financial risk: There is a lack of funding for the start up of the business. Before the plan of the start-up business, the project sponsor should collect the funds from other organizations (Batova and Andersen 2016). Even estimation of the budget before the launching of the store is required. Resource risk: There is lack of resources to start up of the business. There are lack of employees as well as there is no store manager to manage the entire store. The management team of the business should recruit a store manager for their business. Even 5 other full time employees are also required (Qureshi, Saeed and Wasti 2016). It should be done before the plan of the start-up. Management risk: There is lack of management support. The assistant managers of the sports store are not giving the enough support to the staffs in their buying process (Chang 2016). The management team should support all the employees in their work. The management should take care of their requirements as well as needs. Product risk: There is lack of sports clothes in the store. Due to growing in the market, the store is not able to store more products in their store. Therefore, the customers are not getting the required sports clothes at all the time (Myrna 2012). The products should be always available within the store. The store should have a data warehouse where the products should be stored and it should be presented whenever it is required (Tiscini and Raoli 2013). Critical Success Factors The critical success factor for the start-up business of Sports Wear is to start the selling unit with a gross margin of 50 percent and the business should require a continuous product improvement. The other success factors are that the business should need money in order to build inventory and require a sales and marketing operations in order to drive the business (Mullins 2012). Strategic Options The Sports Wear works on two of the strategic options. Firstly, it is the differentiation of the products (Chang 2016). It helps them to give their customers more what they want as well as it boosts their willingness of the customers to pay for the sports clothes. Secondly, Sports Wear serves with a low cost producer. The business charges the lowest price of their products within the industry. 11.0 Key milestones Milestone Due Date Initial contributions of the capital 1st June 2016 Completion of the prototype 8th June 2016 Formalization of the partnerships 18th June 2016 Securing of the key customers 27th June 2016 Initial content of the localization completed 30th June 2016 Resource planning 4th July 2016 Recruitment of the full time employees 15th July 2016 Sustainability as well as profitability 20th July 2016 References Barbera, L., Crespo, A., Viveros, P. and Stegmaier, R., 2012. Advanced model for maintenance management in a continuous improvement cycle: integration into the business strategy.International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management,3(1), pp.47-63. 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What Topics to Do an Argumentative Essay On

What Topics to Do an Argumentative Essay OnDo you want to know what topics to do an argumentative essay on? Well if you answered yes to this question, then you have found the right article. This article will give you a short introduction to arguments and how to make them work in your essay.Writing an essay is not a walk in the park and not every essay comes out as written as well as it should. Writing arguments that you can use in your paper is one of the most difficult things to do but is a very important task.You should also remember that there are some topics that you should avoid in writing your essay and there are topics that you should write about in your essay. So before you start writing any article, you should always make sure you know what the topic is so you can avoid using the wrong one.So before you start learning about topics to do an argumentative essay on, you should first look at your topic. Knowing what your topic is, will help you do an argumentative essay because the topic should be very helpful to you and it should relate to something that you know or have experience with.So what topics should you avoid when you are trying to learn what topics to do an argumentative essay on? The most common topics to avoid when you are trying to learn what topics to do an argumentative essay on are religion, politics, sex, and country. All of these topics are extremely boring and will make it very hard for you to write a good argumentation.If you need some different options for arguments, try looking up some blogs or articles that have already written about this topic and see what they have to say about it. You may be surprised. Just remember to look for people's opinions and not their rules and regulations.Another thing that is important when you are trying to do an argumentative essay on a certain topic is that you find a good point to use in your argumentation. So what exactly should you look for when you are looking for a good point to use in your argu mentation? Well, find a point that has some value to it.Finally, when you are trying to do an argumentative essay on a certain topic, you should always keep in mind that your audience will be able to tell what is the best argument. So you will want to make sure that you can convince your readers that what you are arguing for is right. So if you want to know what topics to do an argumentative essay on, you should always keep these things in mind.

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An Open Door For Education

An Open Door For EducationThe academic help centers of Bangalore have been designed with the guidance of experts and are specially designed to cater to all your educational needs. They are equipped with a computer lab, library, internet, video conferencing facilities, libraries and class rooms and study rooms.The e-learning facilities are also available in the various centres of Bangalore. The online learning facility allows students to explore different aspects of the subject, interact with other students and teachers and review their work. Online learning platform includes a variety of platforms, interactive features and games and can be accessed anywhere, anytime from anywhere. Since students can complete assignments and exams with a minimum of time, you can increase your grades by sitting at home.Apart from electronic books, lectures and other teaching material, the centres have comprehensive resources and information to help you pursue your degree. The equipments and technology developed by experts and academics to help you complete your degree. Various administrative resources of the centers like planning meetings, retention and graduation plan to help you get your course completed successfully.The centre also offers several programs like the Sarpa Samman Vedaan Vedic System, Sanskrit Class, Sanskrit Grammar, Sanskrit Iyengar, Vedic Aptitude, Sanskrit Literature, Hymns and Classical Music. Students interested in other languages can go for the inter-lingual programs like Balinese, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu and Thai. Different subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Science, Science Mathematics, Humanities, Language and Archaeology are taught at the centre.Today's world is facing a shortage of engineers and other professionals with high academic qualifications and making use of online learning can help you qualify for the desired job. In fact, many companies are establishing their campuses in various locations like UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, Brazil, USA and UK etc.With increasing competition in the field of engineering, the need for professionals with technical know-how and international experience is on the rise, thus these centres help you to explore the world of innovation. The world of software and internet is very different from the usual world and it needs you to be equipped with the most modern education.Life is too fast changing these days and education and learning should be kept in the first place. Online learning courses are gaining popularity among students of different age groups. Hence, getting an online education has become very easy today.

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Gossip, Lies and 2019 Ftce General Knowledge Essay Topics

Gossip, Lies and 2019 Ftce General Knowledge Essay Topics There's, clearly, a limit on the variety of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but usually, we figure out how to satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. Examine the differences which exist between both major political parties in the USA. You may fine-tune your knowledge in places where you truly feel comfortable and be more efficient in boosting your problem locations. Compare two first ladies of the USA throughout the nation's history. Make the usage of the suggested research paper topic ideas and you'll be prosperous. When selecting your research paper topic, you must make certain it is neither boring nor worn out. You have to write a minumum of one research paper in a semester for many the subjects. Writing a research paper even though may appear challenging is a considerable portion of routine student life. You may continue to keep your argumentative essays for your upcoming job portfolio in case they're highly graded. It is not important to us, whether you're too busy on the job concentrating on a passion undertaking, or simply tired of a seemingly infinite stream of assignments. Explain why it is you're interested in a specific career. Even if you're a specialist in a particular field, don't be afraid to use and cite external sources. Essay writing is a significant portion of the XAT Exam especially because it's conducted together with the principal exam. At the conclusion of exam you are going to have to write Essay on some assigned topic. If you're able to observe patterns of words or phrases in your incorrect choices together with your correct choices, you will enhance your odds of passing the actual test. Test fees vary based on the exam. There are lots of challenges that you have to deal with in your test preparation and in using practice tests for the FTCE is you would like to pass the very first time. Though, needless to say, the test was still a little harder in content. The ThinkTimeIncGK practice test and basic knowledge notes is the genuine star in all this. The subsequent supplemental rating criteria are related to the above sample prompts. You may also get a variety of discounts on our site which will help you to save some more money for future orders or anything you want to spend them on. The trick is to develop a topic by employing concrete, informative particulars. Our customer support will gladly tell you whether there are any special offers at the present time, and make sure you are getting the very best service our business can deliver. The Key to Successful 2019 Ftce General Knowledge Essay Topics Consider the bigger point you're attempting to convey to the r eader and that which you desire the reader to comprehend about this issue. You're able to begin writing about the major idea then expound on it. The topic has to be interesting, the topic has to be essential and finally the topic has to be informative. As a way to go for an intriguing topic, which will demonstrate your very best talents, you ought to keep reading. As knowledge can create, it may also destroy. So it can create and destroy at the same time. Acquiring knowledge is the initial step to the growth of somebody. Thus, wisdom and wisdom go together. Knowledge may be used for positive together with negative purposes. It gives them a better understanding of the world around them. It helps him to create and innovate. It is crucial in varied aspects of life. A Startling Fact about 2019 Ftce General Knowledge Essay Topics Uncovered Explain why some students are made to leave school as soon as they are sixteen. High school isn't free in Kenya. Students should be conscious of the dangers and advantages of utilizing the net and cellphones. They lead busy lives and often forget about an upcoming deadline. Even though the essay questions change, the topic of the essays often stays the same. You ought to be certain to understand everything clearly once you go for an essay topic. Each topic is broken up into subtopics that you should prepare. Taking into account that lots of persuasive essays concern controversial topics, before writing, you can want to sit down and think of what your opinion on the topic actually is. Structure, argument and a number of other things that you portray through your essay is judged too. The thesis provides you with a guideline about how to go about with writing the essay. Your thesis needs to be relevant so the guide can use a structure that's flexible in order to fit in the shoes of the readers. Grow the essay in accordance with your purpose.